Forget Fathers Day!



Every day is for embracing. Every day as a Father should be extending love to your children. One day isn’t enough. Isolating one day, negates the appreciation that should go to Fathers everyday. And to mothers as well.
I get it. Hallmark has a place in the American Story. This place should not be more articulated, than everyday experiences appreciating loved ones.
I understand the need for a reminder from time to time. The reminder shouldn’t come in place of a consistent effort.
I tell my father I love him every time we speak which is often enough that catching doesn’t feel necessary.
I encourage you all to tell the people you love that you appreciate them very often. Don’t wait until the calendar mandates.
Some tips I use to keep up with loved ones are simple. I contacted all my siblings and parents and asked what day of the week do they want for them self.
With that information I placed everyone of them on the calendar. I scheduled everyone a day of their own. Mind you I’m one of eight so that filled up the calendar quick.
Other priorities of my own make it to the calendar. Thus, the ones I love deserve a place on the priority pin board.
To conclude, make time for the ones you love. Be intentional like you would other areas of your life. You won’t regret the changes that you’ll experience.